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Enjoy some of the most comfortable medical uniforms on the planet!

Our Mission

Starting with luxurious hand-selected fabrics like our soft Cotton Stretch, or the revolutionary & more technical Poly-Flex, and up to the unique design and innovative features of our products, creating the best scrubs in the world is our way of helping the healthcare specialists, while implicitly supporting the mission of the medical system to provide the best possible service.

Our Vision

TAG, the company that has already established an unquestioned leadership position over the last two decades, continuously pursues to expand its presence and influence on the worldwide market. Our high-quality products and excellent reputation make us well-suited to succeed.

Commitment to Greatness

With an unmatched combination of comfort and durability, TAG is a new species of performance medical apparel.
Everything is designed for maximum comfort so that you look and feel as good at work as you do in everyday life.

Global Network

Our company has a strong presence in Romania, with over 40 locations throughout the country. However, we have not stopped there. We have continued to grow and expand, so today we can be found on all five continents. We are proud of the progress we have made, and we are committed to continuing to grow and succeed on a global scale.

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About TAG

Whether you’re a medical student at the beginning of the journey, a nurse going through a life-changing experience, or a clinician on the frontlines, ONCE YOU GO TAG YOU NEVER GO BACK.

In the last 20 years, TAG became a worldwide trusted brand, having reached millions of healthcare specialists on our quest to bridge fashion and function for a premium quality experience. What started as a personal assignment to create an outstanding custom-made range of uniforms for the medical private sector in Romania, has become a mission to reimagine how the entire medical world looks and feels, and create an international brand of work clothing and accessories that will make your day just a little bit easier and comfortable.
Discover TAG
Every year, we take part in the most significant specialized fairs and exhibitions in order to develop our product line, better understand our customers, and continually improve our products.
IDS Cologne
Medica Dusseldorf
Denta - Bucharest trade fair
Details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail!
Innovative medical uniforms that not only looks and feels great, but truly performs.
We hand-select exclusive materials, prioritizing the true comfort of our premium stretch fabrics, durability, fluid barrier and antimicrobial finishes and above all, a high-end tailoring, just to ensure your comfort and protection 24/7.

Newly Introduced

Premium Collection

Witness the best scrubs: with thoughtful details and cuts, carefully chosen fabrics, and reinforced seams, the new Premium TAG collection is waiting for you in your nearby scrub store or just a click away from our online shop.

Trust but verify! ? You don’t have to take our word for granted: try it for yourself, and enjoy some of the most comfortable medical uniforms on the planet, but above all, DON’T FORGET TO BE AWESOME!

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Zero Waste ?

We have enrolled the global Zero Waste movement into our daily operations through social responsibility procedures. The main purpose is to reduce unnecessary consumption while also helping to protect ? Mother Earth and do good deeds. This commitment to sustainability reflects our belief that it is possible to create high-quality garments without sacrificing our planet's resources. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a range of measures, including the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient production processes, and waste reduction initiatives for a more sustainable future. We are committed to continuous improvement in this area and will pursue new ways to reduce our environmental impact. In this respect, we repurpose all the textile scraps into simple toys which are donated to non-profit organizations, NGOs, and charity foundations.

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    A Brief
    Company History

    2004: Founded

    TAG was born out of the vision and passion of its founders, and the medical uniforms market was never the same. From the very beginning, we made a statement to provide medical uniforms and scrubs of the highest quality. Over the past two decades, we have grown and evolved, but our commitment to excellence has remained unchanged.

    2007: First store

    The first TAG flagship store opened in Timisoara. A one-stop-shop like never seen before, serving both medical staff and patients.

    2010: Going online

    The opening of our digital e-commerce platform marks a significant milestone in the company's history, with features that allowed and made it easier for our customers to purchase the best wide selection of medical uniforms and accessories, including scrubs, lab coats, and footwear.

    2011: Social Media

    We launched our first Facebook company page and Instagram account in 2011, marking two significant milestones in our journey. This enabled us to communicate with our customers and keep them up to date on our products and services. We were thrilled to be able to share our high-quality scrubs & lab coats with a broader audience. We are humbled by your support and we thank you for becoming a part of our growing community.
    So let’s get social!

    2012: Upgraded Production Facility

    We completed the construction of a new production facility outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. This new manufacturing unit has enabled many new jobs, allowing us to better serve our customers' needs while being actively involved in our local community. We were excited about this new chapter in our company's growth while looking forward to continuing to provide the highest quality medical scrubs.

    2013: TAG HUB

    Happy to announce the opening of a new B2B logistics facility hub in Bucharest, Romania, in 2013. This enabled us to improve the efficiency of our operations and better serve our International customers' needs.

    2017: Worldwide

    Our presence has successfully expanded to all five continents. This achievement is a shining example of the hard work and dedication of our team. We believe that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been key to our success. For many years to come, we hope to continue offering innovative medical apparel for our customers all around the world.

    2018: Innovation

    Our revolutionary & technical Poly-Flex fabric with a fluid barrier and antibacterial finishes was patented by TAG through its garments. This high-performance material was designed to provide superior comfort, making it the perfect choice for professionals who need uniforms that can keep up with their demanding work environments, such as operating rooms, ICU units, and so on.

    2021: Launch

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new Premium collection, a sophisticated line of medical uniforms designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and style, making it the perfect choice for those who want to look and feel fanTAGstic on the job.

    2022: TAG Yourself

    The opening of our new in-house textile embroidery facility allows us to personalize our medical uniforms, giving our customers the advantage to add a personal touch to their professional image.

    Company Values

    We are committed to upholding seven core values, as well as the behaviors that support them and enable us to work effectively every day. They are our company’s DNA and are critical to our future success.
    1. Authenticity

    We set out to create a new concept of medical uniforms defined by quality, elegance, and personalized lines that reflect each client’s identity and values. To accomplish this, we devote our resources, professionalism, and ingenuity. The TAG team is always on the lookout for the most recent technological advancements in order to create products that meet the most stringent requirements.

    2. Integrity

    We act with integrity and social responsibility. We do what is right, not what is suitable.

    3. Passion

    We strive to be better every day, and we put passion in everything we do!

    4. Continuous Learning

    We are constantly learning and have an innate desire to learn!

    5. Caring For Our People

    We believe in our employees, invest in them, and help them grow.

    6. Unity and Uniqueness

    We believe in the power of teamwork and collaborate whenever possible, but we also recognize that “everyone is unique in their own way and everyone has something else to offer the world.

    7. Success

    Everything we do is centered on the success of our customers.
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    I am very satisfied with your products. Thank you!
    The products and delivery are superlative!

    Ileana I.
    Quality product!
    The order came immediately and the costumes were better than I expected. I had other TAG scrub sets and I knew what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the material, which is different from what I knew.

    Damian L.
    Very pleased, the pattern of the blouse induces a feeling of well-being.
    Delightful pattern, intense colors, good material, true to size.

    Laura I.

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            Copyright 2022, TAG GRUP SRL. Don’t forget to be awesome!

            Copyright 2022, TAG GRUP SRL. Don’t forget to be awesome!